Wireless Networks and Security

Melbourne Institute of Technology

Unit Title : Wireless Networks and Security

Assignment Title : Design and implementation of secure enterprise wireless network

Assignment Description
Enterprise wireless LAN deployments have skyrocketed in recent years, evolving from guest access in conference rooms, to limited hot zones of connectivity within the enterprise to full coverage throughout the organization. Unfortunately, many of these deployments are still insecure, leaving opportunities for the just plain curious or malicious hackers to try and access confidential enterprise information. Securing a wireless LAN is not hard – industry advances in technology and vendor innovation makes this easier than ever.
Default settings for most access points do not include any form of security being enabled. This is the most common reason that wireless LANs are hacked or used by unauthorized personnel. When deployed, immediately turn a method of over-the-air security on.
For enterprises, it is recommended…

Intellectual Property Law

LLB Coursework Assessment
Level 6
Intellectual Property Law
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