Managing Research

Managing Research 
Task 3 – Exam Questions
You are required to answer any four (4)of the questions below in relation to the Leadership Quarterly article named Leadership Coaching, leader role-efficacy and trust in subordinates. A mixed methods study assessing leadership coaching as a leadership development tool. (posted in the Assessment Task 3 folder > Reading Task 3, and shown as an announcement)
The expectation is that you should be able to complete this exam in 2 hours, and this is the amount of work expected (however as this is not a timed exam so you can take longer if necessary).
Examination format answers are required i.e. NOT a report – simply answer any four of the questions below (about 400 to 600 words per answer). Remember you are critiquing the research decisions and methods used in the report.
1.Evaluate the literature review conducted for this research article.
2.This article uses mixed methods. Describe the characteristics of this research design and evaluate its appropr…

Foundations of Business Analysis

Business Analysis: Start-up company
Foundations of Business Analysis
Assessment 1

Gloria Jones is a restaurant supply sales representative. She works in a large metropolitan area and calls on many of the restaurant owners in the city. Her dream is to one day own her own café. She has substantial savings from her restaurant supply business and has recently gone over some financial figures with her banker. The banker and her both agree that she has enough capital to get serious about investing in her dream.
Gloria dreams of a modern Italian-inspired café. She knows that, although she has learned quite a bit about restaurant operation in her area and quite a bit about upscale restaurants, she is not sure if there is an interest in her city for an Italian-inspired cafe. Even though the metro area is nearly 800,000 in population, she has no assurances that there are enough people with the income and tastes necessary to make her business successful.
She needs some additional information whether …

Performance Management

Assessment 2 400846
Decide on whether the performance improvement strategy, or a more general change strategy, is the focus of your assignment.
1.If it is a performance improvement strategy (it can be reduced waiting times in a clinic, reduced infection rates (e.g. in post-operative wounds), reduced medication errors, hand-washing compliance, improved record keeping, improved handover/reporting/writing of reports...anything that you think might interest you.
All information needs to be applied to the planned performance improvement (PI).
Identify the pressure/need for change....and explain this in terms of a model like Lewin's 3 stage change theory and his Force Field analysis or Kotter’s 8 step change theory (readings 2.6& 2.7) and identify the source of the pressure (where it is coming from).
You must read, understand and refer to, the readings in Module 3 as they are specifically about organisational performance (readings 3.2 by Isouard et al.,2006; and 3.1 particularly)
Read mod…

Experiment Design & Result Analysis

Assignment 4 – Experiment Design & Result Analysis

1.Collect your data for experiment
a.Identify the available data sources for collection.
b.Select the most appropriate data source(s) and start data collection. You are asked to record the data sources that you have found, brief description of the available data using the following sample table:




Data File

URL (if