Team Work and Reflection

Team Work and Reflection
Assessment 2 and Assessment 3 are to be completed using the Case study Scenario outlined in Interact 2.
Assessment 2: You are to complete the following tasks based on the discussions and learnings from meetings held with your assigned team.  Your work should be referenced providing at least 6-8 appropriate references in APA style submitted individually, and will be marked individually according to the rubric.

Part One:
Project Name / Team / Description
Working as a team you are to Agree on a suitable team name, list all team members and provide their contact details in a professional looking document.Provide an overview of the project on which you are working.Complete a project description. This should be written clearly and concisely so that anyone unfamiliar with the project can fully understand the objectives.
Team Charter
After your team agreed on a team name and identified all of the contact details of your team members, address…


Assessment 1-Individual Essay and video: Business Models

Assessment Guidance Assessment 1 student guide (link). Abena Nova case study, an example of a health care smart-connected-product (link).  Assessment 1 video examples (link). Further assessment guidance will be provided here. As we progress in the unit, the unit coordinator will add advice here in response to student questions and discussions. You are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to discussions in class and to create posts on the website discussion forum. Feel free to discuss your assessment ideas in the unit discussion forum, before you complete and submit the assessment. Assessment Tasks This section describes the assessment tasks. There are two components, a business essay and a creative video. You are required to write an essay and then explain the assay’s main arguments in a short creative video. Business essay, 30% of the total marks for the unit Business models are less durable than they used to be as technological ad…


Assessment Item 1: Literature ReviewAssessment Item 1Developed economies all have their own regulatory environment for accounting and financial reporting. This assignment allows you to explore two different regulatory environments of your choice, and to evaluate the theories of regulation that best describe those environments. This assignment is in two parts, which you will combine into a single report. Each will involve a review of the relevant literature to establish the dominant views involved in each environment. Your conclusion at the end of the report will identify the most important findings for each review. Part ASelect any two of the following countries: AustraliaUnited KingdomIndiaSingapore.Undertake a literature review for each of these countries’ regulatory environment for financial reporting. For each regulatory environment, find commentary on: The perceived problems of each systemHow the environment works (who are the major decision makers, what legislation is neede…