Case Study

BUSN20017 Assessment 1, Term 3, 2018 Practical Assessment: Professional writtencommunication
Task Description
Assessment type: Individual written assessment.

Length: The assessment must be between 1000-1500 words in length. Two marks will be deducted for assessments that are over or under by 200 words.

Cover sheet: The assessment must include a cover page that contains your name, student number,resident campus, assessment title, and name of lecturer and/or tutor. Style: The assessment must be single-spaced, 12 Point; Times New Roman. References: The assessment must include 5 academic references. You must use the APA reference style.

Other: This assessment is aimed to assess your written communication skills. Students who do not perform well will be highly recommended to consider training with Academic Learning Centre (ALC). The assessment is aimed to ensure that you have an advanced level of writing skills before you proceed into other units in the postgraduate course. The assessment will …

Responsive Web Design

COIT 20268- Responsive Web Design (RWD) (Term 3 – 2018)
- Portfolio 1 - Practical Assessment 1

Toys House, is a sole proprietor business, specialising in selling toys and gift cards. Their shop lot occupies approximately one acre of floor space and is located in a metropolitan city.By most standards, the shop is huge and customers have difficulty in finding their way around.The owner of the business has contracted you to develop a website providing information about the shop. The website is not an online ordering system. Instead, it is a website to provide more information about the shop layout and the selection of toys and cards it sells.You have been provided with the following initial and technical specifications:
Memo: Website Requirements From: Drone Hobbies, Senior Management To: WDDEngineering R&D Consultants
Specification Design and develop a website. The idea is to provide information to potential customers visiting Toys House premises. The goal is to allow potential cus…

IT Project Management

Assessment one: ProjectCharter


This assessment task (worth 15 percent of the total mark for the unit) requires you to take on the role of an IT Project Manager to produce a Project Charter for your employer, Victoria University Information Systems Consulting. In this instance the Charter provides a summary of a proposed project. It is being developed to provide the client with an overview of a proposed project so they can determine if they want to proceed with the project as stated in the Charter.
This is an individual assessment task that will be completed in your designated week 5 tutorial.

Learning objectives

After successfully completing this assessment task, you should be able to:
· Demonstrate knowledge and understanding on developing documentation for effective Project Management.
·Identify, analyse and report the initial requirements of projects.
·Communicate using professional business language in written format.
Problem Scenario

Your employer