Communication Strategy

Assignment Description
Word Count: 3,000 words Total Marks- 40 Topic of the Assignment – Draft a Communication Strategy plan for a new launched company to establish brand image.
·All assignments must be put through safe assignment and a hard copy be handed over to the teacher. ·Late submission will result in a deduction of 5 marks.
1-Develop a wellCommunication Strategy planto establish and maintain the image of a new product or the service. The product or service can be anything for example- New home appliances, furniture, merchandise, hotel service, restaurant, telephone service etc.
2-Write a bibliography (5-20 references) and word count. 3-Writemission statement, objective and develop communication strategy plan to achieve company goal. Assess its success, its reputation and image in the marketplace and in the society,
4-What are the factors you keep in mind while preparing communication strategy plan. These could include: ·Environmental factors ·Cultural Factors ·New governme…

Digital-Only Banks Become a Real Threat

Digital-only bank brands are rapidly in flowing the U.S. market after the success of Simple, launched by BBVA Compass in 2009. Ever since,quite a few large banks have followed, together with JP Morgan Chase with Finn and Wells Fargo with Greenhouse.As stated by the Federal Reserve, more than half of all smartphone users avail mobile banking facilities, and that number escalates to 67 percent among millennials.The primary significant banking strategy acknowledged by bankers in 2018 was to restructure or increase their customers’ digital experience.
Digital transformation is a survival strategy for banks today. Retail banks in the United States are investing heavily on new technologies and staff as a part of a larger push for digital initiatives. U.S. banking digital revolution expenditure is projected to rise at a yearly rate of 22.5% by 2020, with most of the reputable banks assigning approximately 40% of their IT budget to meet these digital transformation goals.
On the business end, t…

Organizational Behavior

Scenario: You have seen a recruitment advertisement for the position of ‘Organizational Development Officer’ at a large organization in the City. Following your application, you have been shortlisted for interview and have been asked to complete a number of tasks to demonstrate;
·your knowledge and understanding of effective leadership behavior ·the impact of organizational structures and cultures on effectiveness ·how organizations can improve the effectiveness of employees in responding to business opportunities.
Activity 1: As part of the selection process, you have been asked to prepare a report to submit at your interview. In this report you must demonstrate your understanding of effective leadership behavior theory and leadership practice. Your report must cover the following topics:
a)an evaluation of leadership theories b)an evaluation of the impact of managerial styles on organizational effectiveness c)an analysis of how motivational theory can inform employee motivation d)an analys…

Project Management

Scenario: You are employed as an Office Manager in a company based in the centre of London. The company provides consultancy services to businesses around the world, particularly in the area of management development. All of the consultants work remotely from home and the office function, with a team of 10 people, is purely administrative. The Managing Director has announced that the offices will be relocated to the area around Banbury, Oxfordshire in order to reduce costs. She has asked you to lead a small team from the office and involve consultants to plan and execute this move. She wishes to retain the same size administrative team. In her announcement, she also confirmed the current business objectives and the specific objectives associated with the move. These include:
·Continuing to grow business income by 10% annually ·Enhancing profitability partially by reducing the physical costs associated with accommodation ·Retaining the business earning capacity ·Improving the quality of sup…

Global Business Strategy

Assignment Description 
Guidelines: (to be done as per activities criteria given)
Scenario: You have been appointed as a market analyst in a small investment bank, which manages the wealth of many clients. One of your first tasks is to choose an organization that operates internationally. This may be an investment opportunity for your employer, but you can choose a non-profit making organization. In your role as a market analyst you will also need to understand the impact of globalization on business organizations in general.
Activity 1: Your line manager has asked you to analyze the international business environment for your chosen organization and produce a report for him which includes.
a) a review of the techniques to analyze the environment and an assessment of their suitability. b) an analysis of the micro and macro environments of the business using techniques reviewed in the first part of your report c) an analysis of how the international business environment impacts on your ch…